Products and Samples

Short Research


Stock at Risk Updates

  • Provides investors with a list of the most dangerous stocks.
  • Highlights names that have become significantly riskier
  • Discusses three or four individual companies and why they are at risk
  • SAR names are the starting point of our investment process

Company report: InvenSense (INVN)

  • INVN designs microelectronic mechanical devices for cellphones, tablets and other applications
  • Our models detected inventory slow downs, speculative valuation and slowing business trends
  • Competitive analysis showed the commoditization of their products and declining ASPs
  • The stock fell 35% within the year.


Company report: Iconix Brands (ICON)

  • Sales and profits are significantly overstated due to questionable accounting for joint venture transactions;  Organic sales & profits are declining.
  • The declines are related to declines in mall traffic and pressure from internet retailers.
  • The company is highly levered but leverage is masked by non-cash EBITDA adjustments
  • Insiders are selling
  • The stock fell 60%+ within 6 months.  The SEC is reviewing ICON’s accounting.

Short updates

  • Highlights sectors where new short exposure is going
  • Contains stock charts of the largest spikes and drops in short interest





Company Charts & Datasets (on request) includes:

  • Time series data on key company metrics
  • An extensive comparable companies analysis (outlier statistics are highlighted for easy interpretation)
  • Time series charts on the company versus its comparables
  • Scatter plots of forecast growth and valuation multiples
  • Revisions trends vs. its comparables
  • Correlations of stock price to various estimate revisions

Our full Stock at Risk ranking in Excel

  • Pre-sorted by sector(s), market cap or analyst on a team




Other Work


Special Report:  What Ails the Shorts?  Q3 2013

  • This special reports dissects why short investors were losing money so quickly during H2 2013
  • Discusses the role of momentum and high growth stocks
  • How valuation was working exactly in reverse of how it should work



What’s working? March 3, 2014: Lower your beta, sell momentum shares

  • TRA recommended selling momentum shares on March 3, 2014.
  • The report Identified the performance and valuation of a wide range of company and stock characteristics
  • It identified how market sentiment translates into investor preferences.

Factor Time Series

  • Highlights the stock and company characteristics currently adding to returns
  • Tells us when investors are paying too much for certain characteristics, such as growth or clean balance sheets.



Revisions Bulletin

  • This weekly report shows where Wall Street is revising estimates, by sector, industry and individual stock, organized for easy interpretation
  • It also discusses the degree of analysts agreement,  the strength of the estimate revisions trend and where prices are moving at odds with estimate trends




Client Portfolio Reviews

  • This client-specific report is a review of published 13F holdings or interest list to identify  hidden risks in a client portfolio.


Fees are based on assets under management. We provide a certain number of user seats. Clients can pay in soft dollars through a broker of their choosing, via directed trading or by check. We charge an annual fee, which may be paid quarterly in advance.