Stop using stops!

This topic draws passionate opinions from seasoned investors on both sides of the argument. We have encountered short investors who cut losses if a stock moves 8% against them and we have encountered investors who will add to losing short positions if they still believe in their original thesis. The question is whether or not to use mecha...

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It pays to follow the short sellers

It pays to follow what short sellers are doing.  Notwithstanding concerns about high short interest and short squeezes, backtesting has shown that stocks with the highest levels of short interest underperform the market - meaning the "shorts" produce results for their investors.  The shorts, as a group, are good analysts, bringing skept...

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What Ails The Shorts?

Oct 15, 2013.  The shorts are clearly getting hurt. High days to cover stocks are outperforming - meaning losing money on an absolute and relative basis for short investors. Ranking all stocks by SISO, the highest 10% of SISO stocks gained 12.1%, the next 10% highest gained 12.8%. The lowest 10% of SISO stocks gained 3.7%. (All charts ar...

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Integrity Research features Two Rivers Analytics

Independent Short Selling Ideas New York – Short sellers have populated the news recently. The latest developments have been around Chinese firms such as Sino-Forest and Focus Media Holding Ltd. Earlier this week Focus Media’s stock fell 60% within an hour of the release of a report by short seller Muddy Waters. One hour is “...

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