New active shorting declined but spikes seen in retail, consumer non-durables and utilities

New Shorting Activity

Total short market value increased 5.9% ($35.5bn) over the past 30 days.  Net new active shorting declined $8.1bn as the snapback rally of late October hurt the shorts.  The largest increases in net new shorting are seen in Retail, Consumer Non-Durables and Utilities; the largest drops are seen in Technology and Tech Services.  Consume...

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Subprime Auto Finance. A bubble inflating.

See our co-authored post on Seeking Alpha:  Auto Finance:  Another Subprime Bubble?...

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Ferrari or VW Bug? Same price, you pick.


Valuations are converging:  What are the implications? Investors are not differentiating enough between companies.  Value indifference creates opportunity for active managers.  Market declines will be sharper.  Managers should become more conscious of valuation and implement strategies along growth and quality lines.  (If you coul...

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Alpha generated on short recommendations, update

We track performance for two sets of stock recommendations:   1) stocks from Company Reports and  2) stock warnings from Stock at Risk updates.  The weekly Stock at Risk updates are based primarily on Stocks at Risk model results.  The Company Reports are published after further fundamental analysis. 1.  Performance of Stocks fro...

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