Short Investors piling into Financials & Retail; Covering bets in Health Tech & Tech Services

The market value of short interest  increased by 2.9% ($18.6) billion over the past 30 days.  Net new active shorting increased by $12.7 bn.  The strongest short activity was seen in Finance, Retail Trade and Consumer Services.   The weakest short activity was seen in Health Technology, Technology Services and Consumer Non-Durables (...

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Two Rivers speaks at FactSet’s Investment Symposium

FactSet put on a great program in Washington, DC earlier this week. The keynote speakers were ex-Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and Colin Powell. Two River's Eric Fernandez spoke on short investment process and model-building. Here are the slides for his presentation....

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Short investors moving into Health Tech, Energy and Communications

Total short market value increased over the past 30 days rising 3.8%. Yet net new active shorting decreased $9.1bn. The largest increases were made in Health Tech, Energy and Communications. The biggest reductions in short interest were made in Finance, Tech and Consumer Services. Consumer Durables, Non-Energy Minerals and Distributio...

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New active shorting declined but spikes seen in retail, consumer non-durables and utilities

New Shorting Activity

Total short market value increased 5.9% ($35.5bn) over the past 30 days.  Net new active shorting declined $8.1bn as the snapback rally of late October hurt the shorts.  The largest increases in net new shorting are seen in Retail, Consumer Non-Durables and Utilities; the largest drops are seen in Technology and Tech Services.  Consume...

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