Suspicious Overearners

This screen finds companies that are potentially “overearning”.  We define this as companies with unusually high gross margins relative to their own history and an increase in their gross margins relative to the industry.  From that list, we show which companies have potentially suspicious rises in inventory, receivables or other cu...

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New shorts in Health Tech, Energy and Transports

The market value of short interest increased by 7.0% ($44.0) billion over the past 30 days. Net new active shorting increased by $8.5 bn. The strongest short activity was seen in Health Technology, Energy and Transportation. The  weakest short activity was seen in Consumer Services, Health Services and Consumer Durables (Chart 2). Consu...

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Memory Lane: “Buy Enron” report

Students of stock market history will want to keep a copy of this report on hand.  Might serve as a warning of what happens during stock market bubbles.... This is a Buy recommendation on Enron published by Bear Stearns in 2001:  Enjoy.  ENE_BearStearns_20010126...

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Short covering in Tech, Tech Services & Consumer Services

Short investors continue to suffer. High SISO names are not only rising, but outperforming the broader market. This is the stuff of "risk-on" cycles in the market that often lead to strong returns for shorting subsequently. Click here for the Short Update, including charts on short interest by sector and stocks showing the largest...

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